Resources for Leading a Bible Study

I. Bible Study Method
1. How To Read the Bible for All It’s Worth Fee and Stewart, Zondervan. This does a nice job of explaining the different genre of scripture, such as history or poetry.
2. Leading Bible Discussions and How to Lead an Evangelistic Bible Study are two short books available from InterVarsity Press that give the basics of Bible study.
3. The Article “Agassiz and the Fish” shows the importance of careful observation. See under links.
II. Resources
1. Bible Dictionary – there are serveral good ones, where you can look up a topic and gain a lot of good information. I use the New Bible Dictionary.
2. Commentaries – after you have done your own study, find a good commentary to read. There are some older commentaries available online at places like and There are good one volume commentaries, which discuss briefly every book of the Bible. New Bible Commentary. NT Commentaries Survey  by D. A. Carson reviews commentaries. An online review of O.T. commentaries is available at Dr Constable, who taught at Dallas Seminary, has many of his teaching notes online at
3. Concordance, use Strong’s or Young’s concordances to find the uses of a word in the bible – being careful to notice the original words in Hebrew or Greek that are numerically coded in these books.
4. Internet Gateways – has many online resources for OT study. has similar resources for NT.
5. Study Bible. Use a good translation for study – the Message is fun to read but not suitable for study because it is so free in its translation. See discussions of translations in “Articles”. The NIV Study Bible is a good example, but there are many. Remember that the notes are not inspired, only the biblical text.
6. Compare Translations either ones you own, or ones you can read on line at Each translation gives a slightly different light on the text.

III. Guides
There are hundreds of bible study guides. Check the book store, or for these. Be careful to do your own homework. I prefer the guides that help me discover what the text says, to those where the author is expressing his or her opinion.

How to Read the Bible – Class Syllabus

Live at the church, and through the wonders of cyberspace, we will offer a class this fall called “How the Read the Bible”. The text for class presentations will be based on the book “How to Read the Bible for all it is Worth” by Gordon Fee and Douglass Stewart (Zondervan).

Here are the topics to be covered and discussed both live and over this blogspace.

  • Picking a Bible
  • OT Narrative
  • OT Law
  • OT Prophecy
  • OT Psalms
  • OT Wisdom
  • NT Gospel
  • NT Parables
  • NT Acts
  • NT Epistles
  • NT Revelation

The live class starts at Bethany Church ( in Madison on September 10. The Cyber-Class will coincide. Feel free to interact will all postings. Notes will be listed on the right side under HTRB.