Final Exam!

We are close to the end of the HTRB series.  So naturally, FRESH READ is pondering an online final examination.  Now it is too bad we don’t have access to ScanTron – the fill in the dots with a #2 pencil method.  It will need to be more verbal. 

First comes Epistles, then Revelation.  If there are lots of questions to delay the teacher, it will only put off the inevitable. 

 Oh, come one!  It is a learning Experience!

5 thoughts on “Final Exam!

  1. Hey Fresh Read if I knew this was gona be a test I would have read more. But, alas, I didn’t. I read a lot of books on how the early Christians read and interpreted the Bible and that’s the method I use today. I had a good collection of books on Biblical interpretation. I can’t list them all here. But, if you want me to list them later I can. Have a restful Sunday!

  2. No plans to stop the Fresh Read blog. It is just that the class that provided the “HTRB” notes is over. and Fresh Read has been busy with various things – shoveling show, watching the football games, reading about Lincoln.

    New Stuff is coming and submissions are welcome.

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