Revelation 12 continued…

So we start with what is clear:

The Dragon represents Satan (v. 9) and possibly his allies.

the Child must be Christ (see Psalm 2, Isaiah 9:6,7, etc)

The Woman is Israel, from whom the Messiah is born.

The Time frame must be from Christ’s birth (v.6), possibly to pre-history if the dragons tail sweeping the stars from the sky is related to the fallen angels (v. 4) and looks forward to the crushing times of persecution associated with the Great Tribulation (1260 days has to do with 3 1/2 years, which is tied to Daniel’s 70th week – Dan 9).  You will have to consult your theology of the End to work out that detail.

The Point?  Now that is a good question.  Is it so we can argue over what will happen when?  I don’t think so because so much of prophetic scripture is clear as to the big idea, but unclear as to the chronology.  Knowing when is not as important to God as that we know What and Who.  The point of this passage is that despite the irrational ragings and attacks of evil (and remember Revelation was written to people facing the ragings of the Roman empire in all of it’s awesome and brutal power) the Lord will prevail, and will preserve his people through all dangers.

In other words, don’t give up.  In the words of Sherlock Holmes, “the game is afoot…”  Hold your ground, look up to the Almighty and not across at raging enemy.

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