Go Ahead and Ask

blue-question-mark.jpg    Go ahead and ask!

This is a re-statement of this invitation.  In our actual class, we will be putting out a question box with this question mark on the side.  Present your questions, not to “stump the expert” but to help us all engage in conversation.

Example #1:  In Genesis 22, wouldn’t someone who heard that God told him to kill his son be sent to a mental institution?  Why is this here?  And why is Isaac called the “only” son, where there is also Ishmael?

Example #2:  Why does it say in one place “Not to love the world or the things of the world” and yet “God so loved the world” ?  What does “world” mean in the Bible?

All you Fresh Read readers are invited to enter your questions into this cyber-question box.



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