How the Wisdom Quest Started

In reading the book of Proverbs, you like I will find a lengthy discussion of adultery.  Chapter 5 is totally devoted to the wisdom of avoiding adultery because of it’s consequences.  A classic statement of consequences is found in

Proverbs 6:27-28
    Can a man carry fire next to his chest
        and his clothes not be burned? 
    Or can one walk on hot coals
        and his feet not be scorched?

    Here is the question that came to me:  Why does the book of Proverbs not call for a repentance and return to the Laws of Moses?  Why does it not call for a restoration of morality to the culture of Israel by re-imposing the civil laws against adultery? 

Proverbs suggests that in the light of real world consequences, adultery ought to be avoided.  this does not mean that the intent is to disagree with the Law.  It is, I am thinking, another approach to the issue.

Wisdom in general is another approach to the issues of the Scriptures.  It does not speak in the language of the Laws of Moses, nor does it seem to assume that all its readers are under the covenant God made with Israel.

With people who have a hard time accepting a law from above – is Wisdom another way of thinking about life, choices, spirituality, community, success and so forth?

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