Job – Where is Wisdom?

Fresh Read and his partner will be preaching in Job from October to December, it is an adventure for us in uncharted sermonic territory.  What that means is that the Fresh Read site will be Jobian for the next couple of months.

the Book is highly praised as a classic, a gem, a masterpiece, but it is not frequently read, nor preached.  It is just…too….much.

Fools rush in where saner heads fear to tread!


The bible has several words for sin.  One of them means, to miss the mark.  I was out with a group of pastors to do some target shooting.  Having not shot anything for a few decades, this was the result.  It is a bit humbling if we are talking about marksmanship.  It is even more, if we are talking about what is pleasing to the Almighty.