God Speaks – Job 38-39

The Almighty took Job on a rhetorical tour of the created order (38:4-15), the forces of creation (38:16-38) and a menagerie of animals (38:39-39:30).  He arrived in a whirlwind, and spoke in front of all the speakers, but to Job.

Some are disturbed that the philosophical questions are not answered:  What is the answer to the problem of evil?  Is Job a saint or a sinner?  Are Job’s friends right or wrong? 

But if the anguish of Job was that God had abandoned him, is the consolation of Job that God gives him an answer?.  The time where God stood at a distance is over.

The answer is not to the What? When? Where? and Why? questions, but to the Who? question.

One thought on “God Speaks – Job 38-39

  1. I think God does not come to Job to speak about justice. He comes to Job to address Job’s trust in Him. In His speeches God reminds Job of the vast gap between Him and Job. It’s as if to say, “Remember how little you really know and how much I know. Do you trust me?”

    And then, because God is in fact just, He declares Job right before his friends and make him their “priest”.

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