Fresh Read 2008

Reading the Bible Together  

Starting on January 1, we will be reading the Bible Together.     

This is a GUILT FREE plan.  There are no little boxes to check off.   We will follow a schedule that includes readings from the New and the Old Testament each day.  If you come to a long list of names or a long list of rules or sacrifices, it is ok to skim or skip. 

This is a RE-STARTABLE plan.  If you miss for a day, a week or a month, it is OK.  Just start again when you are able. 

This is a FRESH READ of the Bible.  The best thing is to read the Bible with eager eyes and a heart ready to receive what is in the Scripture.  Don’t take what others say is in the book read it for yourself. 

This is a CONTEMPORARY plan – we will make use of the Web Log at so you can find notes, comments and the schedule of reading wherever you have access to a computer.  



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