Leviticus and Numbers

In most Read the Bible plans, the ship runs aground on the two books of Leviticus and Numbers. 

Leviticus is a sort of worship manual for the Tabernacle.  Our best advice is to read lightly – don’t get bogged down if you find that this is difficult.  but do take note.  Ask yourself why is this necessary?  Why is there a “fellowship offering” that involves a sort of picnic? (ch 7) Why is the 2nd greatest commandment found here? (19:18)  What is the point of the two goats on the Day of Atonement? (ch 16)

Numbers contains a lot of genealogy and census data.  There are also some interesting stories:  the talking donkey (ch 22), the bronze serpent (21), where worship lived among the people (2:17), and others.

So remember this is a “guilt free” reading.  Skim or skip if you must, but do at leach touch on the text in these books.


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