Almost There

OK, so you are finding the reading up through Numbers a hard push!  So are we.  But remember, when you feel that way on the elliptical machine at the gym, don’t quit.  Just today at the gym, FRESH READ was down another pound.  That is 4 down and 11 to go this year.

Here are four passages in Numbers to Ponder –

Rebellion – Numbers 13-14.  This is a vivid reminder that rebellion leads to wandering aimlessly – like Jacob at Laban’s, or like the Prodigal Son in the far off land.

Aaron’s Staff – Numbers 17:1-13.  This is an interesting question of how leadership is determined.  In the church it is usually a debate between those who elect, those who replace themselves, and those who claim divine approval.

Water from the Rock – Numbers 20:1-12  This is a repeat miracle, from a previous water from a rock experience in Exodus.  However, why was Moses treated so harshly for “smiting” not “speaking” to the Rock?

The Bronze Serpent – Numbers 21:4-9.  Of course this is referred to in John’s Gospel (John 3:14-15) in the two verses before the most famous verse in Scripture.  Is this an example of how we can apply scripture to ourselves?

a worksheet is here, with fun pictures, in Word – 09numbers2.doc

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