Pattern of the Gospel – John 13, Philipians 2

There are patterns in nature – the same spiral is found in sunflowers, galaxies and sea shells. 


The pattern of the foot washing in John is the same as the pattern of the Gospel itself –

He Knew where he was from and where he was going

He Removed his garment

He put on a Towel to serve

He washed

He Returned

Compare this to the Christ Hymn of Philippians 2, to the 1st chapter of John, to the stories of Jesus’ ministry in the Gospels and you see the same pattern.

The pattern in nature suggests a designer.  The Pattern in the Gospel does more than suggest, but is a pattern that Jesus Followers should repeat in their lives.


4 thoughts on “Pattern of the Gospel – John 13, Philipians 2

  1. I’m writing to request permission to use your spiral image(s) for my currently unpublished manuscript, The Prophets of Revolution: on the scope and depth of human thought. Please reply with any questions or concerns.


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