Fast or Slow?

So, while in the shower (many good ideas come there) Fresh Read concluded that the year 2008 was a rapid read.  We touched upon texts across the Old and New Testament.  It is time now for a slower pace.  The current plan, subject to change due to showering, is to spend some time in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) from January to Easter.  And then to spend time with either the 10 Commandments or more likely the beginning chapters of Proverbs.

The rapid pace of 2008 is good, for it is nice to get the big picture.  However, for us it seems a bit like eating at a buffet restaurant.  The broad reach is nice, but we would really rather at times just have a good soup and some bread.

So the Soup is “The Spiritual Wisdom of Jesus” and the bread is “The Practical Wisdom of Solomon”.


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