The Lord’s Prayer and Matthew 6-7

From the Dictionary of Jesus and the Bible comes this observation.  The Lord’s Prayer (Mt 6:9-13) correlates to the following passages in this way:

Mt 6:9-10 – Name, Kingdom, Will: Mt 6:19-24 – Treasure in heaven.  Note the correlation in both passages between heaven and earth. 

Mt 6:11 – Daily Bread: Mt 6:25-34 – Worry – Note the connection between bread (v. 11,25, 31) and daily (v. 11, 27, 34)

Mt 6:12 – forgiveness: Mt 7:1-6 – Judgment – note the similar concern for reciprocal action (as we have forgiven v. 11; speck/log 7:3-5), and judgment vs. forgiveness.

Mt 6:13 – temptation: Mt 7:7-27 – “lead” and “wide/narrow path (7:13,14), “evil” and “false teachers” / good & bad fruit (7:15-20); “temptation” and “wise” (7:24-27).

It is a loose connection not to be drawn up too tightly, but yet it is there.  So one can turn between the prayer and the teaching sections for insight.


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