Proverbs 8 – a pre-view

So Proverbs 8 has been fascinating, confusing and controversial for centuries.  Is it, as Christians have said, a prediction of the coming Christ. (see 8:22ff).  Would then it mean that Wisdom/Christ was created?  Is this even a legitimate question?  What is the relationship of wisdom to the created order?  Will this sense of order prevail under the current view of the chaotic and haphazard origin of life?

So dear read, it is time for us to take a Fresh Read – do you remember the concept.  With the aid of tools (your English bible is a tool after all) we will read and discover for ourselves from the text. We will take a Fresh not a Rehashed view of the text.

What will we find?  Well you tell me!  Later I will tell you what i have found.

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