Luke 1:26-38 Syntactically

I wish I had been taught more about syntactical patterns in narratives in school.  However, even past the 50 year mark one can learn.  I created an outline which can be found here.   Luke1.26to39.syntactical

 This demonstrates to me that the center point of the narrative at the Annunciation is Mary’s question in verse 34 – “How can this be, since I am a virgin?”  (ESV). 

One can not bypass the miraculous claim of the passage.  This miracle is presented as the central point of the story.  Note the emphasis on virgin (v. 27 twice, v. 34 “i have not been with a man”) and the clarity that it is the Most High who has conceived the child.

My analysis had

A-A’  v. 2617; v. 38 – Mary betrothed/servant, Gabriel

B-B’ v. 28-29; 36-37 – Favored Women

C – C’  v. 30-33; 35 – Who/How; Son

D – v. 24  How?

So the D is the central point of the narrative, as I see it.  I know Thomas Jefferson actually cut out all the miraculous from his edition of the New Testament, to find his rationalistic Jesus.  the one presented in the text is not easily trimmed without doing damage to the central parts of the text.

Have a Merry Christmas fellow readers.


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