Dimensions – Ephesians 3:18

Ephesians speaks of the immensity of God’s love in 4 dimensions:

Ephesians  3:18
    may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth,

We have noted in commentaries nothing that helpful with this.  Of course the NT precedes the Cartesian XYZ system.  And discussion of time as a 4th dimension is anachronistic.

I imagine a person standing and pointing side to side, front to back, upward and then downward.  In this light, it makes sense, because we are not trying to coordinate a rather poetic statement with what we learned in Geometry.

The temptation is to do what John Stott (The Message of Ephesians, P. 137) said:

“Yet it seems legitimate to say that the love of Christ is ‘broad’ enough to encompass all mankind (especially Jews and Gentiles, the theme of these chapters), ‘long’ enough to last for eternity, ‘deep’ enough to reach the most degraded sinner, and ‘high’ enough to exalt him to heaven.”

Often preachers refer to the directions of the cross.

What do you think?


One thought on “Dimensions – Ephesians 3:18

  1. I was looking at commentaries on line and came to yours.
    I had thought of a circle and saw your circle, thinking outside the box. If we stand in the center sphere the love of Christ surrounds or we stand in the center of his love. Job 11:8,9 give 4 demensions, but I’m not sure how they fit, still thinking. Thanks for you blog.

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