Incognito – Backsliding


Market Update

12:00 pm : Stocks have steadied since their recent backslide.” The stock market has been volatile in the last week (if not two years!).  Today there was a downward movement, and then a recovery.  The News reported that this was about recovering from a “backslide”. 

Backslide  is a biblical term, the most frequent source is the Prophet Jeremiah.  Consider this verse: 

Jeremiah 3:22
    “Return, O faithless sons;
        I will heal your backsliding.”
    “Behold, we come to you,
        for you are the Lord our God. 

   Jeremiah’s career was a warning to a nation that had fallen away from faith in God and justice with their neighbors.  the prophet’s intense warnings, called “Jeremiads” were pointed and harsh.  (Check out Jeremiah 7 for a very interesting message to deliver on the temple steps.) 

  There was, no doubt, more at stake with Jeremiah’s message than the stock market report.


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