Parable of the Talents – Updated

When Jesus told stories he did not have to explain the background, because he used every day objects and customs.  We who live in the 21st Century sometimes need help with understanding sheep, grapes and ancient business practices.  For this reason I re-wrote the parable in a contemporary format.  This might be something you could use for your own benefit – the process of translating the story to a current format will help you observe the original more closely. 

It is not possible to preserve everything of the original and we don’t want to replace it, or even compete with it.  The point is to create a bridge from here to there.  Once you travel the bridge, you don’t need it any longer.

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One thought on “Parable of the Talents – Updated

  1. a great analogy. I admit to being the one who holds a little in reserve, but i do take some chances. I cannot sing “I surrender all”, but i do sing “fightings within and fears without, o lamb of God, i come

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