2011 – We have plans…

If you have not discovered this, the Fresh Read blog follows the pattern of the sermons at Bethany EFC, Madison, WI.  So here is what is in store as the calendar flips to 2011.

  • Haggai and Malachi – two minor prophets who wrote during the period of the restoration – the story line ties in with Ezra and Nehemiah.  By the way, “minor” is not significance, but refers to the size of the book.  Zechariah is also from that period, but that would take us far afield.
  • Romans 6-8 – for Lent, we will be in these three chapters on living in the Good News – this will allow me to dig out notes from Greek Exegesis class from, well never mind what year, and to explore theology, rhetoric and the Christian life. 
  • Gospel Talk – what is the “gospel” and how can one share it in brief form without turning it into something it is not.
  • After that, the horizon if fuzzy – my schedule says “Fruit of the Spirit” which would be a study of Galatians 5:16-26. 
  • In Addition I am still pondering the Christ or Gospel centered nature of preaching and will have some ongoing posts about that.
  • Finally, we may start a GATEWAY II course, which would give information on theology, biblical study and the church.  for my GATEWAY blog see http://gatewaymadison.wordpress.com

One thought on “2011 – We have plans…

  1. Zapraszam tutaj:Bardzo ciekawa polSsika!Pozdrawiam!Pe:Akmki też mógłby tę polemikę tam przeczytać. Ciągle tylko jakieś rosyjskie imperialistyczne zapędy ma w głowie!

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