Melodic Line – Haggai

Four times Haggai says something like “take careful thought to your ways”.

Haggai 1:5 – “Give careful thought to your ways.”  – why your lives are unsatisfying

Haggai 1:7 – “Give careful thought to your ways.” – go and get started on the temple

Haggai 2:15 – “Now give careful thought to this from this day on.” – remembering the frustrations of removed blessing

Haggai 2:18 – “From this day on…give careful thought to the day when the foundations of the temple was laid…”  – today is a day changer.

The Point Haggai was making was that the Returnees needed to talk a good look at their lives from the standpoint of God’s promises – they were not being blessed and that could be traced to a lack of faithfulness.  In OT terms that was largely measured in material blessings – the temple and purses with holes in them.

The other side of the coin is the emphasis on God’s ultimate plan – their work was small, their governor was not that important, their numbers were few, but the big picture was a world changer –

Haggai 1:6-9 – the glory of the Nations will come here

Haggai 2:21-22 – the heavens and the nations will be shaken.

Give careful thought to your lives and see that your faith-driven service now is linked to an incredible future.


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