Snowpocalypse – Incognito

 Here in the Midwest, we have a two phase snow storm resulting in about 16 inches of the white stuff.  In addition were winds to creat blizzard conditions.  Drifting resulted in hip high drifts, wich makes operating a shovel or a snow blower a matter of skill and imagination.

The media has been using two expressions for this storm: Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon.  Both of these are Biblical allusions.  Also, one hears when there are natural events of great power and which are usually destructive that they are “of Biblical proportions.”

Apocalypse is the name of the book of Revelation – it is a Greek term that means “to unveil” or “to reveal.”  There is a literary style  called “apocalyptic”.  The book of Revelation contains elements of that style, along with that of the Prophetic.  What is typical of the Apocalyptic is that it uses very figurative imagery to depict the spiritual realm and its breaking into normal history.  The book of Revelation has Four Horsemen and various Angels pouring out or calling down plagues, famines, earthquakes and the like.

Armageddon is the name given to the place in Revelation 16:16.  It probably means “hill of Megeddon” .  A passage on the defeat of “Gog” at this location is found in Ezekiel 39:1,4. 

  Here from Wikipedia, for what that is worth:  Mount Armageddon is a small mount or hill on which ancient forts were built that guarded the main highway, the Via Maris, that connected Ancient Egypt with Mesopotamia. Megiddo was the location of many decisive battles in ancient times (including one in the 15th century BC and one in 609 BC). The town Megiddo in Israel is approximately 25 miles (40 km) westsouthwest of the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee (or Lake Tiberias to the Romans) in the Kishon River area.  (

So in the collective memory, these terms retain the meaning of “a powerful force of nature unleashed.” 

As I was operating my snowblower yesterday, and watched its outshoot come close to being a periscope, I got to thinking that this storm did remind us that we are not as much in control as we would like to be.  Even in Wisconsin, where we take pride in our winter driving skills, people cancelled events, stayed home and got lots of exercise moving snow. 

Earthquakes,tsunamis, bilzzards, as well as wars, depressions and popular uprisings (recently in Egypt) all are events that show us how tenuous is our control of the world.  There is a bit of revelation in that.


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