Leviathan Revisited – (Incognito)

  What is this?

  Near where I live, there is a coffee shop named Mother Fools, which offers a public place for (graffiti) artists to work.  This is the East wall of this brick building and about every month the art is painted over.

This painting caught my eye.  On one level it is protest about Governor Walker’s budget proposals.  The capital is where large rallies have been ongoing for about a month or more.  The train represents that rejection of a rail project that was to connect Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and the Twin Cities.  The scratched 14 in the man’s shoulder must represent the 14 Democratic Party senators who fled to Illinois to prevent a quorum.  To confirm this see the note in the bottom left “Scott [Walker] for shame”

The style is reminiscent of labor art, political cartoons and in a sense socialist realism art.  The central figure is wearing the clothes of a laborer as he struggles with a snake.

Who is the snake?  Is it the governor?  The opposing party? or perhaps the idea of a system that is perceived as evil.

Hence, I think this is another example of the Leviathan image (see previous post in the Incognito series), which is a biblical image of the entwining power of evil in the world.

I am sure the opposing side could make another picture, changing who is the hero and who is the villain.

The scripture, it seems to me, does not allow us to say that any one group is totally evil, or another is totally noble.  for the Fall (which has to do with another Ancient Serpent, Genesis 3) has rendered all sides corrupted.



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