Lectionary Quotes

brush stroke

"brush stroke of particularity"

So I notice the dip in the ratings when I use the word lectionary…well, too bad.

Here are a few quotes from this weeks readings – which are I Samuel 16:1-3; Psalm 23; Ephesians 5:8-14; John 11.  They all come from Feasting on the Word, Year 1, Vol 2.

“One way to approach preaching Psalm 23 is not to preach it. Just read it slowly — preferably in the King James Version — and sit down.  This will not score points among the serious intellectuals in your congregation, but the middle-school crowds will love you for it.  The over-seventy crowd will thank you for not over-talking a text that is so rich in history and meaning that simply the sound of its words and the rhythm of its cadence sing us into the presence of a mystery that can not be touched by rhetoric.”  David M. Burns

“In Advent we celebrate the light of God coming to the world in Jesus Christ. It is God’s act.  God bring the light to earth and to us. In Lent we witness darkness creeping up to, circling around and apparently overcoming Jesus.  Yet here again God is once again the actor.  God brings Jesus to life…”   Laird J. Stuart (Ephesians 5:8ff)

“Most of us, whether in pulpit or pew, have already heard plenty about the awesome powers of darkness.  What we most need, as bearers of Christ’s light, are glimpses of  our possibilities for exposing that works of darkness.  This means offering the people brushstrokes of particularity that bring to life Christ aglow in each of us.”  Don Wardlaw  (Ephesians 5:8ff)

“Just because you had a holy moment with mud does not mean that the rest of us will stop scraping it off our boots, right?”   Anna Carter Florence.  (John 9:6ff)

I particularly like the idea of “brush strokes of particularity…”


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