New Thinking on Genesis 1

So I have been reading John Walton’s book “The Lost Word of Genesis 1.”  His essential claim is that Genesis 1, properly understood as it was intended to be understood is not about the material origin of the universe, but about its proper function.  (That is a very short summary – the book is more detailed and well written.)  Following that I have been reading “The Language of Science and Faith” by Karl W. Giberson  and Francis S. Collins.  Francis Collins is well known as the director of the project to map the human genome (DNA).    These two men are part of a group called BioLogos who wish to support both Biblical truth and biological evolution (the process, not the various world views that are often attached.)

To say the least this makes for interesting reading.  I am for now keeping the proverb: Be quick to hear and slow to speak.

Among evangelicals the views range from Young Earth, Old Earth, Intelligent Design (non-committal on the Bible itself), Progressive Creation, Theistic Evolution.  There are shapes and variations all between.

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