Genesis 1 – some questions

Since Genesis 1 has been around for a very long time, we are satisfied to ask questions, rather than seek hard answers.

For BioLogos (biological evolution is true, and the Bible is too).  How do we deal with “creation from nothing”, with the Biblical picture of the “fall” if life came into being through a long process with millions of years of death.  How historic are Adam and Eve? If they are not historic persons at the start of humanity, how is sin transmitted from Adam (Romans 5)?  Does Jesus suggest that Adam was real?  Does the NT say that the creation was relatively quickly arriving from nothing?

For John Walton (The Lost World of Genesis 1), I have many of the same questions.  If Genesis 1 is not material origins, where do we get that God created all things?  Did he take pre-existing stuff and give it a purpose?  Who would have made that stuff?  Is there really no “science” in the OT?  You state that the water cycle is not known but then there is Ecclesiastes 1:7.  Can we confine “death” to human death in Romans 5?  What of the pre-hominids?

For the “literal 24/7″ reading, I suggest reading the books by Walton and Collins, as they have many interesting things to say.  Don’t read with force fields up and phasers loaded, but to listen to their arguments.  Since this debate has gone on for a very long time, we don’t have to solve it in 7/24 hour days.

For the general public, read in “Under God” by Garry Wills on what motivated William Jennings Bryan to oppose the teaching of evolution in the first place.

There, now I have annoyed everyone.


3 thoughts on “Genesis 1 – some questions

  1. David,

    My favorite line: “Since this debate has gone on for a very long time, we don’t have to solve it in 7/24 hour days.”

    I want to feel that way and sometimes achieve it, but the stake seem high, too, for getting solid answers–especially in apologetics.


  2. Hi Matt, have you read any good reviews of John Walton (Wheaton) and of the BioLogos folks? This is getting traction and I am just now reading in the field. Currently a historical treatment of the rise of evolution by a secular author.

  3. I’ve not read much yet. I read Walton’s commentary on Genesis where he says a lot of the same things (I think) as his Lost World book.

    I like Walton (knew him from his days at MBI) and enjoyed his commentary. I liked what he affirmed about the theology of Gen 1-3 but left me with more questions than answers about the history/ontology of Genesis 1-3. I haven’t read his Lost World book yet.

    I read the BioLogos blog, but they are so prolific, I don’t feel like I can keep up.

    I am not willing to give up the historicity of Adam–and feel that a lot depends on that. The BL folks seem willing to give up a lot of what I think the Bible says.

    I’ve read the Al Mohler responses, etc, but nothing more meaty or book-length.

    I’ve got a pile of books on this stuff that I’d like to plow through, but I’m working on a D.Min project at Westminster on the problem of gossip, and I just can’t find time to read everything that I would like.

    Would you mind just solving it for us? =D


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