Summer is for Planning – Preaching and Study list for the year

So one year, the very first Sunday was cancelled for snow, throwing off a carefully balanced sermon schedule.  The church chairman laughed, but the preacher did not.  With that caveat, here is the topical list of preaching that I have planned.  as the Proverbs say, “a preacher decides on his schedule, but the Lord sets the weather.”  (maybe that is not in the Proverbs.)

  • Jesus as Prophet, Priest, King and Sage.  The first three “offices” have been assigned to Christ in theology, I am suggesting the fourth as an “office” suited to our times.
  • First Steps, topical passages on beginning the Christian life
  • Advent – following the lectionary as special events allow
  • Power in Weakness, a study of 2 Corinthians 1-6
  • Spiritual Wisdom from the book of James
  • Scenes from the Victory, with fear and trembling we will explore Revelation
  • Names of God as a Summer Topical series, with tie ins to the Lord’s Prayer.
  • the Sunday evening group will study Ephesians with colored pencils
  • and GATEWAY II will cover the topics of Bible Interpretation, The Kingdom of God, God the Father and Foundations for Christian Leadership.
  • And I am still reading in Genesis with Walton, Collins and others.
OK, let it snow.

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