Surprised by a Book

I am reading “King, Priest and Prophet: a Trinitarian Theology of the Atonement” by Robert Sherman, T&T Clark, NY, 2004.  sometimes I am surprised by a book. This is one of them.

First, I never heard of Bangor Theological Seminary, where Sherman teaches.  With a little help from Google I learned that it is a long-established seminary that grew of the New England congregational churches over 200 years. ago.

Second, academic inspiration is a bit oxymoronic, but not in this case.  The author from a “post-liberal” standpoint presents a very interesting case that Trinitarian theology grew naturally out of the witness of the scriptures and the experience of the believers, and in fact was set on this trajectory by the Risen Lord.  He says that “trinitarian” is not exactly accurate as that word developed in the 3rd century, but that the three-fold personhood of God and the role of this “triad” in salvation is pervasive in the NT.

Third, his chapter on the trinity in Scripture (chapter 3 ) is a delight, and there are at lest 3 classes or sermon series there waiting for the exegete.  Especially rich is his treatment “in passing” of John 13-17.

Fourth, all of this and I have not gotten to the meat of the book.

I am on the cusp of a discussion of how the Baptism exemplifies the ministry of Prophet, Priest and King, and then how the temptation of Christ, challenged each of those three offices.

Now I admit to geek-ish tendencies, but this is as good as a new Harry Potter book.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Surprised by a Book

  1. yes, just too bad the title and images could not be inclusive in language or at the very least expansive in language.

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