Rusty Greek

How many years has it been since Greek class at the University and Seminary…o let me count them…or maybe not.

It is good, if you have some knowledge of the Biblical Languages to keep them fresh, and to keep your grammars near by.  I was about to send a social media comment on a greek word when I thought the better of it.  The word for body (soma) is neuter, which sort of looks like a singular, if you have gotten enough rust on your language skills.  I was wondering if the singular had any significance, until I went to my grammars with pullout charts and found the form (ta somata), nueter plural.

Which reminds me of the old adage: A little Greek is a dangerous thing.

Be careful with interlinear bibles, and with word study books, because grammar and word meaning are living things, and they might rise up out of the text and kick you in your conclusions.


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