“Maybe so…”

Bethany is 106 year old church, and so from a study of our history I heard the story of Pastor Rom, who was pastor here for 33 years from the 20s to the 50s.  One such story is that when someone would say something controversial, or odd, or that he might not agree with, he would say “Maybe so.”

Recently I was buttonholed by a visitor who informed me that James wrote while under the Law and Paul wrote while under Grace, that is why we should listen more to Paul than to James, the legalist.
Since such a dogmatic reading of the text (dividing Paul from James based on dispensations) seemed to me to be foreign to the text, I have a “Maybe so” answer.  I did, however, move beyond the Rom Method when I pointed out that Paul and James were in agreement on the Gospel at the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15).

I found a study guide on James that made a lot out of James being a Nazarite, over a rather obscure line of argument – to this too I say “maybe so.”

Shall we let the biblical text speak, and read fewer footnotes?  Maybe so.


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