Symbolism in Matthew 6:25-34

Jesus speaks of life in terms of food and clothing in this passage.  Against those who worry about food, he speaks of the birds who are provided for by God.  Against those who worry about clothes, he speaks of the flowers that are clothed for a short time in glorious color.  There is an interesting set of linkages, a sort of tapestry structure to this passage that you can see here.



We have these links – Life and body/ food and clothing in verse 25.

All these things are the material concerns “worries” of food, drink and clothing.

He ends with not worrying but seeking the Kingdom and Righteousness

Can we equate the Kingdom as “life” – is not life more than food? it is being part of the kingdom of God.

Can we equate righteousness with “body/clothing”.  Guilt brought nakedness and shame (Genesis 3) and redemptions brings white robes (Revelation 7:14; Isaiah 61:3)

So life is found in the entrance into the kingdom of God and righteousness is given to us freely as the Father gives flowers to the grass of the field.

Or am I getting carried away?

The structure makes me think there is something to this.


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