the first 200 pages of Sailhamer

Having read the first 200 pages of “The meaning of the Pentateuch” I am able to summarize his point, I think.  Revelation is in the form of scriptures.  Many have fallen off the track by elevating the historic background or the acts of God in history to the place of revelation.  While background and events are important ( they needed to have happened, of course) they are not revelation.  Revelation is what the text, made up of words and sentences has to say.

The other interesting thing, now we are over the introductory hurdle, is to see him make his case that the Pentateuch is more about the life of faith (Abraham) than the life under the Law (Moses.)  It was also interesting to see his idea that disobedience brought a more legally complex set of regulations on the people of God than what was first given at Sinai.

Now for the next 400 pages.

If you read this book, please come and play.

One thought on “the first 200 pages of Sailhamer

  1. I would love to get into this book. But at over 400 pages I don’t have the time or it will take me years to read! LOL! I am finding faith has a lot more to do than previously thought (by me anyway). Nt my faith but God’s faith in us. This book might be something that I stumbled upon a few months ago. Anyway, way to much to get into here……..

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