When it rains on your Bible

So it was several summers ago when I spoke at my brother’s wedding.  It was a fantastic event, but as it was an outdoor wedding in the Pacific Northwest, it rained.  So my bible got wet from the open passage of I Corinthians 13 – the Love Chapter.  The pages about 10 deep on either side got wet and rumpled up when they dried.  Now, the binding is going.

So Fresh Read has to pick a new every day preaching bible.  I have a dozen or more around here. I was using a thin line, large print edition (necessary as I passed the 40 year marker.)  It was an NIV (that is the older NIV 84 edition).

Shall I change to the current NIV, and shock the traditionalists with the inclusionary language?  “Greetings dear Brothers and Sisters…”  The only OLD NIV I can find with larger print has red letters for the words of Jesus – I am not a fan.  I could move to the ESV, which I find useful for study of the English Text, but no one else at church is using it, and it is less easy on the ear.  Other candidates are the NRSV – which is less choppy, but just as inclusionary- or the New Living – too ooey gooey for my tastes – or one of several newer translations that I have as yet to explore.

We will keep you posted.



2 thoughts on “When it rains on your Bible

  1. I basically use the New King james Version. That I’ve been using since 1995. Funny since I’ve been using the NIV since the beginning and was a big supporter of the NIV. But lately I’ve also been using the Modern King James Version. I believe it was published in 1962. It’s also large print and even has red print when God speaks in the O.T. That’s my 2 cents.

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