Summer is for Sermon Planning

It does not always work, but the summer is a necessary time to clear my head and to work on the following year.  Ministry years are lots like school years – September to June with the summer at a different pace.

Some ideas:

Science and Faith, using some ideas from a L’ Abri conference that we attended last winter.

Two Books and/or Art as Communication – the idea that art helps us read the book of creation, part of “general revelation” and it also gives us a bit of common ground with people of other worldviews.

Two Cites – on how to be a good citizen in the US while also being a good citizen of the Kingdom – some thoughts on how to speak, how to listen and how to balance justice with the gospel.

“Fill the Blank” – using John 1, find the different ways to complete the phrase, “Jesus is the _____ of God.”

The Old Story – an overview of the Pentateuch, taking clues from Sailhamer on the narrative flow, and the importance of Faith and how that relates to the law.

So, this calls for time in the library.  If any of you Fresh Readers have ideas on these topics, particularly on art, artists, theologians who talk about art, artist who talk about theology, or stories of making connections, give me a shout.

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