The Law commanded several  rests:

  • one day in seven there was no work but rest.  In Exodus 20 this is explained because God’s rest on the 7th day of Creation (Genesis 1) and in Deuteronomy 5 it is explained by the fact that they had been slaves in Egypt (Exodus).
  • one year in seven, the land was to rest.  we have come to see the wisdom of letting land rest from the activity of cultivation.
  • One year in 49, (7 x 7), all debts between Isrealites were cancelled, and all family land was returned.

These things all speak to the need to know life as more than work.  Since God entered his rest on the Sabbath, we are to find our rest in him.  Since God provides our needs (even though we work) we are to trust him enough not to work or to plant.  Since God provides for us, we are to provide through forgivenss of debts.

I find the the sermonizer needs rest – three weeks to read the bible just to read it, not for producing anything.  Three weeks not to meet the Sunday deadline (or any of the other deadlines).  It is not only helpful, it is necessary.

Just thought I’d check in so you know I am alive.


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