Nature & Name – Psalm 148:13-14

A clip from Sunday’s message:

The heavens and the creation declare Gods praise.  Its content is that God is the one who created and who orders all things.  The creation sings of its creator.  It sings in the language of planetary orbits and seasonal change. It is in the roar of the lion and the cooing of a dove.

Let them praise the name of the Lord!

For he commanded and they were created.

And he established them forever and ever;

he gave a decree, and it shall not pass away.

                 The people of the earth add something unique to this praise service.  We can agree God is creator and the one who brings order.  Our praise goes beyond that.

13    Let them praise the name of the Lord,

for his name alone is exalted;

his majesty is above earth and heaven.

14    He has raised up a horn for his people,

praise for all his saints,

for the people of Israel who are near to him.

Praise the Lord!

                             A study of God’s world can lead us to believe in a Creator.   Yet that falls short.  We can conclude that there is a creator, but we cannot know who he or she is.

Let’s say you have a meal at a restaurant.  It is delicious.  You have never tasted anything like it.  You conclude that there is a good cook in the kitchen.

               What if the chef comes out and introduces himself to you.  He tells you his name. You lean where he lived, where he studied cooking, and why he made this dish.  He takes a seat and spends time with you and you become friends.  Now you not only know that there is a cook but you know him by name.

Name.  God reveals himself to us in nature in a general way. He reveals himself in the story of Salvation in a particular way.  The bible contains the story of God introducing himself.  He said to Moses – My name is Yahweh – “I am”.

We add to the praise of Creation the ability to praise God’s name.  And we come to know that his name reveals who he is.  God has many names and each is a promise and a blessing.  He si “I am”.  He is “The Almighty”, “The Holy One”, “Heavenly Father”, “The Beginning and the End”.   Then we came to know through Jesus Christ that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  And the Son has names like “Immanuel – God is with us”, and “Lamb of God”, “Savior”, “Shepherd”, “Christ.”   The Holy spirit is the “Comforter”.

Horn.  God also adds another.  “He has raised up a horn for his people.”  The “horn” has come to symbolize power.  Think of a bull with powerful horns.  This is how he defends himself. This is his power.  God has raised up one who is called “the horn”.    This is a picture of the Savior Jesus.

On the altar on the temple there were four horns. Blood was put on those horns.  A refugee could hold on to the horns of the altar and receive protection from judgment.

So we have a Savior who is powerful.  He is the one we can cling to for our salvation.  The salvation that he offers is based upon his sacrifice on the Cross.  So we can receive protection from the judgment we deserve.


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