The Threads of John 1:1-18

logo4One can consider John 1:1-18 as the overture of the book.  It establishes themes that are picked up later in the book.  I also think you can compare it to a weaving.  There are themes, like colored strands of wool yarn, woven along the duration of the text.  The book is not outlined and linear like a book on Organic Chemistry.

Why is that?  It seems to me that life itself is complex.  We weave in and out of places and situations all the time.  On one day you can be at home, in the Lord’s presence during your quiet time, with your housemates at breakfast  with your fellow commuters and co workers during the day, with your Face Book Friends during break, then back home, maybe you go to a meeting or eat out and all along there are calls to make or emails.  Life is more like a tapestry than it is like a text on Organic Chemistry.

John starts with the invasion of the Eternal into the temporal.  Jesus comes to weave his thread into the human story and “to those who will receive him” into individual stories.

Thus the Sermon theme in December, the season of Advent is based on John 1.  We are picking out the threads of “Word”, “Wisdom”, “Light”, “Flesh” and “Lamb” among others and exploring them as they develop in John 1 and further into the text.

This will be part of a Slow Read of John, that will take us through Easter Sunday in sermons and in class discussions.  So I will be posting the schedule of readings if you want to join it.


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