Contemplative Bible Reading – Richard Peace


Another book on Lectio Divina (in which Fresh Read learns how to pronounce this correctly (lex-ee-oh di-vee-nuh).

I am just getting familiar with this book. It is designed as a study guide for an individual or a group.  What I like is that first Peace presents a rather normal (for evangelicals) bible study on each sample passage.  then he offers a separate Lectio exercise on each passage.

I like this because our reflection on the word needs to be based on what the word actually says.  There is a great danger of subjectivity in scripture reading, that is we read the text without regard to the intended meaning.  There is also the danger of objectivity – if we leave our relationship to scripture to the assembling of information, we have not heard the word of God.

This is where reflective or meditative reading comes in.  We allow this book to speak to us by the ministry of the Holy Spirit   It is personal, prayerful and thoughtful.

To me it seems that Bible Study compares with cooking a meal.  You need to know how to prepare, mix and cook properly.  Just as in Bible study you need to know about grammar, history, genre and so forth.

Lectio Divina compares with eating the meal, not wolfing it down in your car, but eating it with friends or family in a relaxed and conversational style.

I will add more as I delve into this book.

Contemplative Bible Reading, Richard Peace, 1998, NavPress.

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