Old and New in John



I am collecting threads as I read through John.  It is turning out that having a copy of the book without verses and chapter divisions is both helpful and complicating.  It is helpful in seeing the text freshly, and uncluttered.  It is complicating because it is harder to make notes on links and connections between the chapters.

The Thread on Old and New.

  • The Word was in the beginning, and was “made flesh” (Jn 1)
  • John (prophetic type – like Elijah) baptized with water, Jesus, greater, baptizes with the Holy spirit. (Jn 1)
  • Lamb (sacrificial OT system”; “Behold the Lamb of God” (John on Jesus)
  • Jars held water for ceremonial cleansing (old); water turned to wine – “you saved the best for last” (Jn 2)
  • Jesus at the Temple which took 46 years to raise; his body is a temple which will be raised in 3 days. (Jn 2). the temple was the place where God’s presence, glory and name resided: Jesus is “the word made flesh”.
  • Moses Serpent lifted up; Son of Man must be lifted up. (Jn 3)
  • Nicodemus thinks of Kingdom and new birth materially; Jesus speaks of “born of the Spirit” and Born from Above.
  • “Woman of Samaria proud of Jacobs well; vs Living Water:  she defends her temple, Jesus speaks of “spirit and truth” in worship. (Jn 4)

Other Threads

  • Life, eternal life, birth, new birth
  • Believe
  • light
  • baptism

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