On buying a Bible

scribe.2So my old NIV – 84 fell apart.  After dawdling between the ESV and the new NIV, i chose a single column format NIV for the regular use bible.  My more literal reading companion is the ESV Literary Study Bible.  In both cases I avoided lots of notes and clutter (what is a library for?) and red letters (NEVER) and double columns (do any other books come in double columns?)

In the picture from top right (Greek NT), top left (Spanish – NVI English NIV 84 NT)

Multi View of John 19

Multi View of John 19








bottom left (new NIV) bottom right (ESV Literary Study bible)


One thought on “On buying a Bible

  1. I started out with the RSV a Pew Bible edition that was given to me. Then I quickly went to the NIV Study Bible and had it and used it up until 1995 when the Reformation Study Bible came out in the NKJV and use that up until today, but recently I like the NET Bible, but only currently only have it as a free download with limited notes. (You can get the free download w/ limited notes at Bible.org. You can get a hard copy for about 50 bucks with over 60,000 notes! That’s right 60,000 notes, plus satellite map photos and it’s over 2 inches thick! Come in 9 point font size the large print come in 11 point font size but it limits the notes to over 7,000, not the over 60,000 notes the smaller print comes in. LOL!

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