Bilingual Devotions in the Psalms – Psalm 76:4

31 PsalmsI have been working on Spanish for a number of years, an embarrassingly large number of years.  One of the things I try to do is read the Psalms in the morning in my Spanish/English (NVI / NIV) bible.  I have two methods:

  • A list of top 31 Psalms that I follow according to the day of the month. 31 Psalms (downloadable)
  • Pastor Dave’s Guilt Free Method:  Simply multiply today’s date by 5, read from the five Psalms that end in that number.  eg  April 16 – 16 x 5 = 80, read from Psalm 76 to Psalm 80.  On day 31 read wherever you wish.  It is guilt free in that you  don’t have to check off any boxes.

What I find is that the two translations are interestingly different.  Sometimes dramatically different in their choice of textual variants.  Consider Ps 76:4

You are radiant with light,

    more majestic than mountains rich with game.  (NIV)

Estás rodeado de esplendor;
    eres más imponente que las montañas eternas. (NVI)

(you are surrounded with splendor, you are more majestic than the eternal mountains

– my translation)

The NVI follows the LXX (Greek Text); the NIV follows the MT (Hebrew).  It would seem that the glory of a game filled mountain is less suggestive of God’s radiance to some that the mountains themselves.  I suppose a Montanan might prefer the game filled mountains and the New York resident the majesty of the mountains themselves.

This is a Psalm that celebrates conquest, so the comparison to hunting seems to fit. It is perhaps disturbing to those with more sensitivities than an ancient Israelite such as Asaph.


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