Surf or Swim?


Your computer probably is twice as fast at everything that one you owned a few years ago.  The capacity of your computer, tablet, smart phone or other device increases by about 100% every two years.

Your brain works at about the speed that the human brain has always worked.  This is why the amount of information available is not necessarily making us smarter.  We can access more information with more speed than ever before.

Very often we are only riding the surface, not experiencing the depth.

Suppose you were in a boat off of a tropical island, you would see lovely blue water.  It would only be when you stayed in that location but dove below the surface that you would see the very busy world of life below.

Bible study can be done by surfing or swimming. You can listen to the radio, or read the web, or down load pod casts without end.  Almost every church posts the pastors message these days, even we do!

I advocate that you stay longer in a good location and dive in deeply.  You will learn more if you concentrate for a significant time on a single chapter, or psalm or book of the Bible.

The Lord made your mind for swimming, not for surfing.  You can not really take to heart everything you hear.  You can take to heart that which you explore deeply.

This summer, pick just one chapter, or Psalm or one short book and dive in.  Spend the whole month of July with a short passage and see what you will discover in its depths.

Suggestions:  Psalm 32, 104, 139; Matthew 6; Romans 8, Isaiah 40, Job 28.


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