mustard seedsThe story of Gideon in Judges 6 and 7 makes the point in a variety of ways that the Lord works what is small sometimes.  Gideon’s army was winnowed down from thousands to 300.  so I got thinking, perhaps because I am the pastor of a small church (which is probably close to average for most churches), and made this list of small people or items in the Bible.

  • Word – Gen 1 – unlike myths which had the gods make things out of monsters, etc.
  • Abraham – no land, no nation, one son
  • Jacob, young son and a scoundrel
  • Joseph – called from prison….
  • Moses – act of desperation by his family, sister, failure, goat-herd
  • Joshua and Caleb – 2 of 12 willing to go
  • Jericho – shouting and marching
  • Deborah/Barak – small force
  • Gideon – hidden, reluctant, indecisive, small army       (Vs Samson)
  • Ruth – Moabite widow with no resources
  • Hannah, desperate prayer in a dark time
  • David, youngest son, v Goliath (compare to when he counted his troops)
  • Servant Girl and Naaman
  • Rejoicing and Weeping in Ezra over the size of temple
  • Josiah, boy king
  • Woman who dropped mill stone
  • Jonah – fishermen, fish, gourd
  • Elijah alone?
  • Widow and Elisha
  • Israel v Egypt, Assyria, Babylon
  • Daniel & Friends – captives
  • Jesus – obscure, barn, Nazareth
  • 12 unlikely leaders
  • Boy’s lunch
  • The Lord’s Prayer – few words
  • Faith as a mustard seed
  • Parables of growth: seed, yeast
  • I Corinthians – you were not much
  • Lydia – women met outside for prayer
  • Dorcas – helping the poor
  • Zacchaeus – a wee little man
  • Woman who washed Jesus feet
  • Parable of Pharisee and Sinner
  • Widow’s mite
  • Present at the Cross – crowd was gone
  • Isolation of Jesus at the cross
  • John  – prisoner on a rocky island
  • Paul – prisoner…
  • Church as a Body – foot v head argument

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