Croutons – Your daily bread in small pieces

CroutonsInBowlWe are practicing the art of meditation on the scriptures (Psalm 1) by taking the passage found in Romans 12:9-21 and breading it into small pieces, or “croutons” for the month of October. This is the content of the Adult Class at Bethany this month, but you are welcome to joint in by downloading the Croutons worksheet –

Romans 12 is a passage of application after the previous 11 chapters of Romans has presented the Gospel of Jesus from a variety of angles.  The chapter begins by saying “I appeal to you, by the mercies of God [Romans 1-11] to present your bodies as a living sacrifice…”  And so we present our minds and hearts to the Lord by taking care each day to listen to, to chew over (the biblical meaning of the word “meditate”) and follow the Lord’s instructions.

At the rapid pace of 13 verses in 31 days, we will take a crouton a day to think on.

Here is my suggestion on how to proceed (excerpted from the worksheet).

Daily Crouton: 

  • Read just the portion listed for that day.  Go somewhere where you can say it out loud a few times.
  • Think about each word in turn, for example, on day 1, “Love” what is it?  “Must” – this is not a suggestion.  “Be” as opposed to pretending.  “Sincere” means real and not mere outward correctness.
  • Ask yourself some questions: Who can I love?  With whom is my love not sincere?
  • Pray from the words, “Lord, forgive me for falling short.  Give me a more sincere love, especially for ____________  who is so annoying…..”
  • Be silent and see if the Spirit of God brings something to your mind as you think about the words.
  • Make notes to remember what you heard from the Lord.

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