Thanks for the Outline, Craig

blombergI have come to like Craig Blomberg’s work in Matthew, I have his commentary  in which he does a very good job of laying out the shape of Matthew.  (The New American Commentary, Vol. 22, Matthew; Craig L Blomberg, B&H, Nashville, 1992).

I have posted on this  several times, check the “Matthew’s Gospel” link in the topic cloud to the right.

Matthew 5-7 gives Jesus’ authoritative teaching on what it means to be a disciple.  This is the Sermon on the Mount.  There follows two chapters that have 10 miracles in 9 miracle stories, but there are a couple of themes weaving in and out: Miracles, Following Jesus, Opposition.

Blomberg divides the text into 3 sets of 3 miracle stories (underlined).  The narrative pieces then seem to fit into this pattern.

  • Jesus Heals the Outcasts
    • Touching the Leper (uncleanliness) 8:1-4
    • Rewarding the Centurion (ethnicity) 8:5-13
    • Healing Peter’s Mother in law (gender) 8:14-15
    • Conclusion – 8:16-17
  • Jesus Demonstrates Authority in Discipleship
    • Inadequate responses – 8:18-22
    • Invading Satan’s Realm – 8:23-9:8
      • Storm
      • Demoniac
      • Paralytic
    • Discipleship – 8:9-17
      • Matthew
      • John’s Disciples
  • Jesus’ Ministry and Rising Opposition
    • Double Miracle – 9:18-26 – good publicity
    • Blind – 9:27-31 – rising opposition
    • Mute – 9:31-34 – division
  • Ministry Summary – 9:35-39
    • see 4:23ff
    • Links to next section on calling the 12

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