Matthew’s Threads

Matthew Threads

I have developed an overall structure that combines the narrative ascent to Peter’s confession of Christ and down from there to the Cross and Resurrection.  This is combined with sections of Narrative paired with Discourse on the themes of

  • Fulfillment (chapters 1-4);
  • Authority (chapters 5-9);
  • Mission (chapters 10-12);
  • Opposition – (chapters 13-16);
  • Discipleship – (chapters 16-18);
  • Judgments (chapters 19-25);
  • Passion and Mission (chapters 26-28).

I have found Craig Blomberg helpful for this.  Now what I am noticing in the text is the overlap of the threads.  While concluding his authoritative teaching (Sermon on the Mount)  for example, the text  moves towards decision, and in the miracle stories on Matthew 8 and 9 there are sections on discipleship (8:18-22; 9:9-13; 9:14-17) which points to the section on Mission in the following chapters.

I find this overlapping of the “threads” typical of Matthew so far.


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