Feeding & Forming a new Community – Matthew 14

loavesfish2The Feeding of the 5,000 is found in all four Gospels.  It is the only miracle story found in all of the Gospels.

In John it becomes a text on Jesus’ leadership – the people want a king. In the Synoptics it is framed a bit differently.

I found this quote from R. T. France  (TNTC,  Matthew, p.235)


“…there is more to this meal than physical sustenance; sitting together is a symbol of unity.  Instead of being dismissed an dispersed {as the disciples suggested} the crowds are welcomed into a new community.  See on v. 19 for Jesus’ role  as the head of the family.” {when he offers thanks and breaks the bread.}

This story is important, not because Jesus promises to give you as an individual what you want.  It is important because it shows us the kind of leader Jesus is.  He lives to create a new community.  If you think the work of God is done when you get a ticket to heaven, you have, pardon the pun, missed the boat.


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