Opposition: Charles Hodge and Charles Darwin

Charles_Hodge _wts_1 DarwinThe Theologian of the Year series this year explores the strategies of Opposition, Accommodation and Dialogue.  We are looking at  three theologians from Princeton Seminary, a bastion of Evangelicalism from the mid 19th Century to 1929.

Here is the sermon on Hodge and his book “What is Darwinism?”  Opposition

And a quote, that seems to be quite relevant:

“It is very reasonable that scientific men… should feel themselves entitled to be heard with special deference on subjects belonging to their respective departments.  This deference no one is disposed to deny to men of science.  But it is to be remembered that no department of human knowledge is isolated.  One runs into and overlaps another.  We have abundant evidence that the devotees of natural science are not willing to confine themselves to the department of nature, in the common sense of that word.  They not only speculate, but dogmatize; on the highest questions of philosophy, morality and religion….other men have their rights.  They have the right to judge the consistency of the assertions of men of science and of the logic of their reasoning.  They have the right to set off the testimony of one or more experts against the testimony of others; and especially they have the right to reject all speculations, hypotheses and theories which come in conflict with well established truths.”  (p. 137)

Charles Hodge, What is Darwinism? and other writings on Science and Religion, Ed Mark A Noll and David N. Livingston, Baker, 1994.

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