Isaiah in 2 hours!

Isaiah.sistine.2i had the opportunity to give an overview of the Prophets and the prophet Isaiah at Madison’s Christian Life College. Egads!  That is an impossible task!  I thought it best to give the word some time to speak for itself. So along with introductory material on the book, we read some passages out loud and noted what we could.

I hoped to

  • Make a few people fall in love with the book
  • Encourage students to read Isaiah with an awareness to language and literary style.

Here are my notes. – Isaiah


  • Isaiah is massive and not easily understood in many ways. It incorporates the broadest themes of Scripture with the most elevated literary style of any biblical book.
  • Isaiah is too important to ignore or skim.
  • Be Aware of literary style – best commentary, if I only owned one would be The Prophecy of Isaiah, J. A. Motyer.