What Did I Think?

Called to ministry,

What did I think

Back in the day

When I did not want to jingle keys

And pray at picnics?

That it was about what lasts

Past death and

Endures through generations

That it was from the ground up as seed

Slow and organic like yeast,

Growing from depth

and not about appearance.

It was going where others did not

And helping others thrive.

What they say that it is today

Is filled with numbers



And is about control


from the top

The wise and

The resourced

Taking over what was built

  building newer and better

Next to what has been.

Corporations for God

With chief executives



And customers.

Those who have much

Are given more

Fame and platform

Name and success.

While most never achieve

By faithfulness

to the book

Or by stubbornness of


Did I take the path

That is narrow

Or wide?

David Carlson, 4/21/2105  Fresh Read


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