No I am not moving from Fresh Read, nor from the city of Madison.  We have moved to re-size our living space and finances. What that means is that some of the extras in life, such as a blog, have gotten neglected.  Alas, we are moved, mostly, but there are boxes, many boxes, too many boxes.

I also think I lost some weight.  I started serious packing in May and serious unpacking continues in August.

but as Arnold said, “I’ll be back,”

Thinking about 2015-2016


I have these three sermon series titled, details to follow.

Dual Citizenship: Living in the world

  • How can we be citizens of the world and citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven at the same time?

@ONE – The Atonement

  • What are all the aspects of the work of Christ that makes us One with God?

Name that Child – Isaiah 9:6

  • You know the name from Handel’s Messiah, but do you know what it means?